Air Rifles & Pistols

The Club has a purpose built 10 metre air range with 10 lanes for the use of .177 air rifles and pistols. These can either be spring loaded or pre-charged. The club has air rifles and pistols you can borrow if you don’t own your own. You are also able to purchase the pellets and targets on site.

The air range also has three electronic targets for advanced competition shooters.

If you’d like to shoot .22 air, you can but this is better suited to the main range.

.22 Rimfire

.22 Sporting rifles are usually bolt action or semi-automatic; with either iron sights or telescopic. All down to preference. These are used on the main 25 metre range. The .22 ammunition is cheap to buy compared to other calibre’s so it’s always good to have one or two in your collection. The club has several .22 rifles for you to borrow if you don’t own your own, along with .22 ammunition to purchase on site.

The Club also has .22 target rifles which are single shot and are used for a range of competition disciplines: standing, kneeling, prone and bench rest. These are generally shot at 25 yards over iron sights, though bench rest is more often ‘scoped.

Full Bore

‘Full-bore’ means that the firearms used have calibre greater than .22. You’re most likely to see either bolt action or under-levers being used at CRPC. These are used on the 25 metre range. Ammunition is more expensive for these, however you can learn how to reload to make your own ammunition at a fraction of the price. The club also have several full bore rifles ready for you to use along with ammunition to purchase on site.

Black Powder

We have a few black powder shooters in the club. Whether it be pistols, revolvers or rifles. They’re the nosiest, smelliest and slowest of the bunch ;) If you have your own black powder firearm feel free to bring it along (once you’re allowed in the main 25 metre range).

Long Barrel Pistols

In order to own and shoot a pistol in the UK (bar N.I) they need to be a minimum length. In addition to the long barrel (which may be disguised as a fake sound moderator) most models also have a balance bar attached to the grip.

You can shoot semi-auto .22 pistols or larger calibre revolvers. The club does not own any LBP/LBR’s, however, you are welcome to bring your own.

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